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Flexible and Cost - Effective EV Charging

Convoy Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Convoy is designed to maximize ease of use by EV drivers and charging site hosts.

Easy to Use

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Plug and play driver interface

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Simple and intuitive site management

Cost Effective

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Reduce upfront costs

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Maximize Rol


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Tailored to your capacity and operational objectives


Convoy key features

  • Highly inter-operable, integrating with multiple Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) using industry standards.

  • Interfaces with energy providers and allows site owners and drivers to monitor energy consumption and cost.

  • Access to user-friendly web-based applications for easy management and usage of the service. 

Convoy is suited for residential use, workplace, multi-unit dwelling, and destination center. 

Industrial Building


  • Attract and retain employees

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Support clean, renewable energy

Shopping Mall


  • Attract and retain customers

  • Leadership to green energy

  • Support clean, renewable energy

Apartment Building


  • Increase tenant choice and satisfaction

  • Support clean, renewable energy


Since the beginning of 2017, Kitu Systems has been operating its Convoy™ EV Charge Management service, either directly or via utility-led programs such as Charge Network (PG&E) or Charge Ready (SCE). Kitu Systems participates in a number of utility driven programs in the United States. 

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