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Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)​ was created to decrease the carbon intensity of California's transportation fuel pool and provide an increasing range of low-carbon and renewable alternatives.

Kitu System LCFS Credit Services registers, manages, and monetizes any LCFS Credits that are generated through electric vehicle charging at the Credit Generating Facilities.

Services: ​

Facility Registration: 


 Register the sites, including sites for which Kitu Systems is not the EV service provider. 

  • Individual EVSE registration data​

  • CARB LRT-CBTS database account registration​

  • CARB LRT-CBTS Document Submittals and Completion​


Charging Data Collection


Kitu Systems will review and submit reports to ARB verifying EVSE electricity consumption on a quarterly basis. 

 - Collection of quarterly EV charging data (included in Convoy platform services)​

Credit Marketing 


Kitu Systems will use commercially reasonable efforts to optimize revenues from the sale of Customer LCFS credits.  If a third-party broker is necessary to sell LCFS Credits, Kitu Systems will cover the brokerage service costs.  

  • Market analysis to optimize credit revenue​

  • Contracted with parties to sell credits​

Quarterly Compliance Reporting to CARB

  Quarterly reporting in CABR’s database​

  • Liability for accuracy of data​

  • Comply with CARB’s Annual EV adoption reporting requirements​




Kitu Systems will ensure that its services comply with any and all CARB requirements and fulfill all the obligations of credit generating facilities under the LCFS Program. 

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