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Equipment Partners

By partnering with hardware suppliers and local contractors, Kitu Systems is able to serve customers anywhere in North America.

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging

Level 2 EV Charging

ClipperCreek HCS 

HCS_40-GEN-2-(W)-500x500 clippercreek wi

ClipperCreek’s HCS charging stations come in a variety of power levels, as hardwired and plug-in units, and with multiple pedestal mount options. Recent additions to the HCS product line include the HCS-60R and HCS-80R, ‘ruggedized’ versions of our most powerful HCS models, offering up to 64 Amp charging; and the ChargeGuard®, a simple key-based access control option.

Key Features:

• FAST CHARGING - Up to 15.4kW of power to charge your vehicle quickly • QUALITY - Technology that works for the life of your current plug-in vehicle and then some •

CONVENIENT - 25 feet of charging cable for installation flexibility and superior vehicle reach •

DURABLE - Rugged, fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure for installation anywhere • RELIABLE - Backed by ClipperCreek’s exceptional warranty and outstanding customer service

Webasto Turbo DX
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.59.17
webasto turbodx ev charging.png

Webasto TurboDX EV Charging Station

TurboDX is a Level 2 32A EV Charging Station that charges all SAE J1772-compliant vehicles – including both electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models – in the convenience of your garage, workplace, condominium, apartment, or retail parking structure. Available in wall and pole-mount configurations.

Key Features:

State-of-the-art safety features
Slim compact design
Durable aluminum rear enclosure
Quick read status indicators
Fully potted electronics reduces the risk of thermal shock, thermal dissipation, and static shock
Revolutionary leakage and thermal detection
UL and cUL certified
Easy to use, simply plug-in and charge




The Model 3703 is a 7.2 KW wall- or pole-mounted EVSE charger with a manual cable wrap, capable of providing up to 30A at 208-240VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz. It is configurable as a single wall mount, or a single or dual pole mount. This unit complies with the SAE J1772 specifications for supplying electrical power to a J1772-compatible vehicle. The Model 3703 allows the user to conveniently wrap the 19-foot cable onto the storage hook and insert the connector into a holster when not in use.

ECS Liva (coming soon)

ECS Liva

DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging
BTC Power
btc power.jpg
level4-dcfc-new 100-250.png

BTC Power HPC System 100, 150, 200, 350 kW

  • Dynamic Power Allocation in 50kW increments

  • System available in 1 or 2-dispenser configuration

  •  Payment types: CC, RFID (OCPP Network Enabled)

  • 15” Outdoor Color Display

  • Connector Configuration:

  • ▪ SAE J1772 Combo CCS1 and CHAdeMO

DC Fast Charging

BTC Power


Rhombus Energy Solutions


efacec logo.png
Efacec EV QC45 UL[1824].png

Efacec QC-45

The QC45 is a Quick Charging station able to charge all EVs with
CHAdeMO and CCS charging compliance.
After user identification (if authentication is required), by simply
choosing the charging standard compatible to your vehicle and coupling
the charger’s output plug to the EV, you will have a fast secured and
proven charging process. The battery charging status is displayed and
the charging cycle finishes by itself or can be terminated by an user

Main Features:

• Multiple standards
• Multiple outputs
• DC power up to 50 kW
• High efficiency: > 93%
• High power factor: 0.98
• Simple plug & play installation

Rhombus Energy Solutions
Rhombus 60kW PCS Datasheet 020620[1826]

Rhombus 60 kW DC Fast Charger

Rhombus 60kW PCS Datasheet 020620[1826].

Today’s fast chargers for electric automotive and light trucks provide 60kW (200 mile range/hr), and “super chargers” can provide up to 250kW (800+ mile
range/hr). Designs for small Level 1/2 AC chargers are unable to be “scaled-up” to meet today’s highpower DC fast chargers. These high-power
chargers require robust designs that are capable of operating continuously at rated load, with each charger serving multiple vehicles each day. Our EV charging solutions are designed specifically for continuous operation at
rated loads. Rhombus has fielded hundreds of units in the most challenging EV charging scenarios, with near-zero failure rates. Additionally, Rhombus stations are capable of bidirectional power flow aligned with rapidly advancing vehicle to grid V2G technology, and allowing integration with power storage and nongrid
renewable power resources.

tritium logo.png
veefil tritim.png

Tritium 50 KW DC Fast Charger

The Veefil-RT from Tritium is a reliable and robust electric vehicle fast charger with an attractive design that is easy to own and operate. Its patented liquid-cooling system ensures maximum product life with minimum maintenance. The small footprint and lightweight design of the Veefil facilitates a wide choice of location options and easy installation. Tritium offers a flexible, responsive and dedicated approach to electric vehicle charging networks around the world.

Main Features:

  • Liquid cooling

  • Slim, compact and stylish design

  • Reduced install cost

  • Increased reliability

  • Durable UV resistant exterior

  • Low maintenance

  • OCPP Integration

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