Payment System

Payment System enables site owners to charge drivers a fee for using the EV charging infrastructure at their location. In payment mode, only drivers who paid the fee are able to initiate charging sessions. Site owners may offer free charging to registered users on selected stations using access control, and allow guest users to charge on other stations for a fee. Site owners can set pricing with a wide range of options and payment facilities, including rate selection per station and plan selection for different categories of users. 

Rate selection per station

Actual energy cost

Hourly rates

Flat fee

Plan selection

Monthly subscriptions

Prepaid charging plans


Control Payment Options

Manage Charging and Users

Real-time Reporting via SMS and E-mail

24 x 7 Customer Support

Payment mode is seemingly the fastest way to reach a positive ROI on EV charging infrastructure, but short term gains need to be carefully assessed against your long term goals (increasing driver loyalty and satisfaction, increasing employee engagement, supporting clean energy initiatives).

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